Live COVID-19 Cases
  • World 179,936,205
    Confirmed: 179,936,205
    Active: 11,333,272
    Recovered: 164,704,672
    Death: 3,898,261
  • USA 34,434,803
    Confirmed: 34,434,803
    Active: 4,999,794
    Recovered: 28,817,134
    Death: 617,875
  • India 30,028,709
    Confirmed: 30,028,709
    Active: 643,163
    Recovered: 28,994,855
    Death: 390,691
  • Brazil 18,056,639
    Confirmed: 18,056,639
    Active: 1,162,895
    Recovered: 16,388,847
    Death: 504,897
  • France 5,760,002
    Confirmed: 5,760,002
    Active: 74,087
    Recovered: 5,575,086
    Death: 110,829
  • Russia 5,350,919
    Confirmed: 5,350,919
    Active: 331,122
    Recovered: 4,889,450
    Death: 130,347
  • UK 4,651,988
    Confirmed: 4,651,988
    Active: 217,498
    Recovered: 4,306,482
    Death: 128,008
  • Italy 4,254,294
    Confirmed: 4,254,294
    Active: 72,964
    Recovered: 4,054,008
    Death: 127,322
  • Spain 3,768,691
    Confirmed: 3,768,691
    Active: 123,122
    Recovered: 3,564,850
    Death: 80,719
  • Germany 3,731,287
    Confirmed: 3,731,287
    Active: 28,705
    Recovered: 3,611,500
    Death: 91,082
  • China 91,653
    Confirmed: 91,653
    Active: 514
    Recovered: 86,503
    Death: 4,636
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Distilled Media


Distilled Media drives positive outcomes through better communication.

Our partners in healthcare, technology and professional services rely on us to inspire change through smart communication. By using a blend of behaviour science and creative thinking, we create campaigns that solve real world problems.

We help our clients achieve success through our expertise.

As technology pioneers  in communications, data analytics and behaviour science, we ensure that our clients’ communications strategies tap into localised and targeted intelligence. By understanding audience behaviour, we ensure that you not only reach, but also form intimate connections with your customers.


Real world problem solving

Communications Strategy

Our in-house strategy specialists and design teams curate end-to-end campaigns. We develop complete digital marketing and social strategies, from SEO, PPC and bespoke graphic and video design initiatives that will drive engagement for your brand.

Research & Insights

Our research and insights team ensure that your content initiatives target the right people, at the right time. By understanding your customers from a behavioural science perspective, we create and identify positive opportunities for our clients.

Behaviour Science Data

We create and implement positive results based on our behaviour science model. Through stakeholder consultations, audience segmentation and in-depth analysis, we ensure your strategies reach success.


Ready for real results?

Contact us to discuss how you can engage and get to know your audience better.

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