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BY Leo Hynett


The Key to NHS Improvement: Data

Striving to improve the NHS is a noble goal, but without tangible and trackable metrics it is an incredibly difficult task.

SEPTEMBER 17  2021


NHS Digital has emphasised the importance of building and upskilling the NHS analytics community, rightly stating that, in healthcare, knowledge is often life-saving. The NHS generates huge amounts of data every day that could be used to drive improvements in care, but much of it remains an untapped resource. The key to driving NHS improvement will be making this data more accessible, visible, and actionable.

Thankfully, Cambio UK does precisely that. Cambio’s Patient Flow Management tool (PFM) enhances existing processes and enables the smooth introduction of new ones. With Cambio’s PFM, tracking every step of the patient journey can be easily done with just a few clicks, streamlining care and enabling frontline staff to spend more time focused on their patients.


Evaluating changes

Data is key to evaluating whether positive change has been seen as a result of procedural changes and new models of care.

‘Unless you are able to measure something, you don’t know where you’re getting better or getting worse, or if a change that you’ve made is leading to an improvement or deterioration,’ states Dr Gareth Lewis of Antrim Area Hospital. ‘Without data, you are kind of flying blind – you only have opinion, feeling and individual experience.’

Cambio’s PFM provides comprehensive data for reporting and analysis, giving providers unparalleled insight into where their processes are excelling and where they need improvement. With this data, hospitals are able to gain a deeper understanding of how their systems work and how their people are working within those systems.

Current reporting methods and systems vary between hospitals, making comparing providers across the wider healthcare system difficult. Even individual NHS specialties – for example, mental health – may have different reporting methods between trusts, making it difficult to truly assess performance and isolate areas for improvement. Systems such as Cambio that provide enhanced data visibility have massive potential to help improve the NHS.

The data is also easily visible in the literal sense: the design of Cambio’s PFM is reminiscent of the whiteboards many healthcare providers are familiar with, making it an intuitive system that is easy to grasp. It can be easily added to existing workflows without the need for extensive training.


Efficiency improvements

Cambio’s PFM helps hospitals make the best use of their resources, whether that’s physical resources or staff time. Having immediate and easy access to all the data clinicians need speeds up their processes and makes their lives easier day-to-day.

The simple interface saves a substantial amount of time simply through ease of use: Cambio’s PFM has been designed so that everything is accessible by a couple of clicks. By removing the need to navigate through vast systems any time a clinician needs to add a note to a patient’s file or search for some information, Cambio regularly helps staff regain time they can spend with their patients. Although these short snippets of time may seem insignificant, they quickly add up. Additionally, patient satisfaction will be improved by conversations with providers no longer being so fragmented – all the data their clinician might need is only ever two clicks away, eliminating the need to break up conversations to search for information or paperwork.

Cambio also enables multiple disparate systems to be connected, improving communication between systems and organisations. This enables a more efficient transfer of care between providers and specialties, improving the patient journey and ensuring a patient’s data is always available wherever it may be needed.


Predicting demand

Arming the NHS with the data to predict patient needs will have huge benefits as we head out of the pandemic. Insight into potential numbers of patients will help providers more efficiently allocate clinical hours. The real-time data provided by Cambio’s PFM not only facilitates this advanced planning but also helps hospitals be more reactive when needs change during the day. Having consistent and detailed insight into the ever-changing needs of patients will help providers react more efficiently.

Supporting people in improving their own health will be absolutely key in easing the current burden on the NHS. Having better insight into the state of patient flow and being able to anticipate patient needs has potential benefits for the future of preventative healthcare: freed up clinical time could be spent on working to improve the predictors of poorer health outcomes in the wider population.

At all levels of the healthcare system, a better understanding of the data available has vast potential to improve patient flow and health outcomes.



To learn more about Cambio UK and how their Patient Flow Management tool could benefit your organisation, visit them at Cambio UK or contact them on

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