Live COVID-19 Cases
  • World 620,178,407
    Confirmed: 620,178,407
    Active: 13,427,609
    Recovered: 600,210,581
    Death: 6,540,217
  • USA 97,895,860
    Confirmed: 97,895,860
    Active: 2,284,152
    Recovered: 94,530,000
    Death: 1,081,708
  • India 44,568,114
    Confirmed: 44,568,114
    Active: 43,994
    Recovered: 43,995,610
    Death: 528,510
  • France 35,125,681
    Confirmed: 35,125,681
    Active: 532,944
    Recovered: 34,437,850
    Death: 154,887
  • Brazil 34,673,221
    Confirmed: 34,673,221
    Active: 191,696
    Recovered: 33,795,688
    Death: 685,837
  • Germany 32,952,050
    Confirmed: 32,952,050
    Active: 679,992
    Recovered: 32,122,600
    Death: 149,458
  • UK 23,621,952
    Confirmed: 23,621,952
    Active: 106,450
    Recovered: 23,325,583
    Death: 189,919
  • Italy 22,303,606
    Confirmed: 22,303,606
    Active: 428,286
    Recovered: 21,698,440
    Death: 176,880
  • Russia 20,792,921
    Confirmed: 20,792,921
    Active: 649,657
    Recovered: 19,756,507
    Death: 386,757
  • Spain 13,403,502
    Confirmed: 13,403,502
    Active: 81,973
    Recovered: 13,207,520
    Death: 114,009
  • China 249,389
    Confirmed: 249,389
    Active: 2,947
    Recovered: 241,216
    Death: 5,226
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Innovators 21 Awards Winners

We are proud to announce the category winners for this year’s Innovators 21 Awards!

FEBRUARY 22  2021


The Innovators21 Awards celebrates industry game-changers, who have made exceptional contributions to digital innovation and technology.

Given the great strides the Innovators 21 nominees have taken between 2019-2021, the calibre of entries has been overwhelmingly exception. The awards honour individuals and projects that have shown excellence in digital product development, human-centred design and technology innovation.

Congratulations to the Innovators21 Category winners, who have shown exceptional commitment to digital innovation in healthcare and technology.


Category: COVID-19 Business Heroes

Cambio Healthcare Systems Ltd (UK and Ireland) has worked tirelessly to support public health institutions in managing patient flow throughout the course of the pandemic. Andrew and his team have spearheaded digitised patient flow solutions to help healthcare providers cope with unprecedented pressures.

Learn more about Cambio and the amazing work they do: here


Category: Best Health-Tech App

The breathesimple app is a platform that helps us understand the wonderfully complex breathing system. Using clinically proven methods, the app provides courses that are simple to do, and takes just a few minutes a day. It will improve your health, vitality, sleep and relaxation.

Learn more about breathesimple and the amazing work they do: here


Category: Best Use of Data in Healthcare

Draper & Dash is a provider of enterprise wide healthcare analytics, data visualisation and professional services, covering organisations across the UK, Australia, UAE and the U.S. The company blends industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics within healthcare.

Learn more about Modex and the amazing work they do: here


Category: Best Application of Technology in Healthcare

Modex offers real-time solutions that helps organisations protect their digital data. Within healthcare, Modex’s work has been invaluable in ensuring data integrity, security and sharing.

Learn more about Modex and the amazing work they do: here


Category: Best Use of Data

IBM Watson provides intelligent workflow solutions using AI. Its services allow organisations to build, optimise manage AI models across any cloud.

Learn more about @IBM Watson and the amazing work they do: here


Category: Best Incubator/Accelerator

Wayra UK has supported and scaled up innovative companies within the global eco-system. Their start-ups have excelled under Wayra’s guidance and unique access to heads of state, corporate leaders, investors, serial entrepreneurs and royalty.

Learn more about Wayra UK the amazing work they do: here


Category: Health & High-Tech Entrepreneur 2021

Orlando Agrippa is the CEO of Draper & Dash, a leading enterprise data analytics organisation. Under his leadership, Orlando and his team help health institutions frame their operational capabilities through data-driven insights and forecasting. His previous work within the NHS and UK health sector have primed Orlando with what it takes to truly improve patient flow, performance and better outcomes for patients.

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