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Google Rolls Out EHR Offering, Care Studio

Google’s Care Studio pilot to expand to more clinicians, to help accelerate digital innovation in healthcare

FEBRUARY 24  2021


sGoogle has staked its claim in the pursuit to improve EHR in healthcare.

First revealed as ‘Project Nightingale’ in 2019, Google and Ascension have partnered to develop Care Studio: an integrated charting system that will make the search for health metrics more efficient. The creation of its new platform will help millions simplify medical data and history import in public health.

The search engine giant has created the clinician facing tool alongside Ascension, in order to streamline workflows for health practitioners. Caregivers can now utilise Care Studio to sift through patient records across different EHRs.

Additionally, Care Studio will enable care givers to synchronise data from multiple care systems. Valuable data, including glucose levels, oxygen and blood readings will be given a unilateral unit of measure. The tool will use this information to provide an accessible summary of the patient’s health, as extracted from clinical notes. Senior clinical specialist at Google, Dr. Peter Clandy, believes that the EHR tool will make information search more efficient for health staff:

‘Using Google’s expertise in organising complex information, care studio provides a unified view of patient records, making them more accessible and useful for clinicians’

Currently, Google is headlining this tool as a way to manage complex organisational data in a way that is both intuitive and adaptive. Like the traditional Google search bar, Care Studio will generate information for doctors in real-time.


Why this Matters

As of the 24th of February 2021, the Care Studio tool will be available in pilot form to 250 organisations.

Google aims to address the issue of EHR navigation by creating Care Studio, a search tool for clinicians that helps organise patient medical records.

This tool is intended to be used with EHR to streamline workflows. Caregivers can use this platform to examine patient records for a variety of EHRs. The tool can also synchronise data from different medical systems and put items such as blood pressure and blood sugar in the same unit of measure. The tool also summarises the patient’s summary of the information extracted from the memo.

The developers have also created a search function based on medical terms and clinical shorthand to make the search faster. Using Google’s expertise in organising complex information, care studios provide a unified view of patient records, making them more accessible and convenient for clinicians, said Dr. Peter Clardy, Google’s senior clinical specialist. Said in the announcement video.

The tech giant is working with Ascension as a pilot of the program and is currently planning to expand its reach. A group of clinicians in Nashville, Tennessee and Jacksonville, Florida have access to an early release of CareStudio.


Necessity Surpasses Controversy

Initially, Google faced some criticism regarding Care Studio. Many in the health space found fault with the patient data sharing model Google and Ascension share.

However, Google’s Care Studio’s rollout is timely, in that it encapsulates the market feeling and consciousness regarding the relevance of digitised EHR tools. Consulting firm Deloitte is also due to roll out its own home monitoring platform, alongside several health data firms.

Google is marketing this tool as a way to ease the burden on EHRs and make the system more integrated. Give the high rate of medical staff turnover, due to the pandemic pressure on hospitals. Care Studio should allow health practitioners to save time through its efficient and streamlined medical search capabilities.

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